11 JavaScript Blogs to Follow in 2017

There’s a huge benefit in running a JavaScript newsletter. You get to know about many smart people from whom you can learn a lot.

Here are the most interesting blogs I stumbled upon. Feel free to add them directly to your preferred RSS reader. This stuff is profound, professional and of a very high quality.

Without further ado, in no particular order.

②ality – JavaScript and more
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer aka 2ality is an iconic figure among the community. He writes about new ES6 and ES7 features. His write-ups are usually lengthy and very detailed. He is also the author of very thorough books

Reginald Braithwaite
Reginald is the author of the brilliant JavaScript Allongé which teaches JavaScript but takes a more functional approach. His blog articles are deep and extremely interesting.

μ (yes, just like that)
This one is not on JavaScript in particular but rather on functional programming as a whole. If you are leaning towards functional approach you will find it eye-opening.

David Walsh
David writes more about the practical aspect of JavaScript. Lots of step-by-step tutorials which are usually beginner-friendly.

Pony Foo
This one is ran by Nicolás Bevacqua who is a proficient writer and the author of some popular libraries you are probably using like dragula. His frequently published write-ups are devoted to JavaScript language in general, the code style and the architecture of complex applications.

Michael Herman
Michael usually writes about an article per month mostly about Node and/or Angular. Most of them are HOW-TO tutorials.

Kirupa Chinnathambi
The author of this blog writes a lot about animations from CSS and JavaScript standpoint. There are also a lot of good articles on React.

This blog is a little awkwardly named “Angularity” even though most of the stuff is about making things with React.

Tyler McGinnis
Tyler teaches React and not only by articles. He also has a couple of courses on egghead.

Todd Motto
You would like to follow this guy if you’re into Angular. The latest news in the field, along with the most comprehensive write-ups on Angular I’ve ever seen. Highly recommended.

James Kyle
James works in Facebook and is a tc39 member. He usually posts on medium about types system and general programming concepts. As you expect he also writes about yarn, babel and flow (the projects he contributed to).

P.S.: If you know some interesting blogs I missed here, please let me know!

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