Microservices: maybe not

Microservices have been gathering some attraction for the past several years for a reason. Microservice-based architecture proved its efficiency and won the hearts of many developers.

But as with any other thing under the sky, microservices is not a silver bullet, it’s a tradeoff. And as with any tradeoff, it’s good to know what you gain and what you lose.

So before you sell your soul to the devil, let’s at least take a quick glimpse into the contract.

 The downsides of the microservices

Here the most evident arguments for why forcing the microservices architecture may be a bad thing.


So what’s the alternative?

Start with a monolith, extract the microservices when it’s time.

 So when to use microservices?


I’m strongly convinced that everyone should think twice before stepping into the microservices path.

The seemingly benefits turn out to be solutions to non-existing problems. While the downsides are very real and painful.


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